The fire risk assessment in the factory

  • January 28, 2017
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Fire check

A factory is a place, where there are maximum risks of fire accidents, as there are a lot of materials present in a factory, which are highly inflammable. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot protect your factory from any kind of such accidents. Once you have all the important preventive measures, you can easily tackle fire accidents that are going to happen. But before getting all the instruments for firefighting, you should do a fire risk assessment.

The first task

Fire risk assessment is a kind of assessment, where the experts will office of various factors related to the factory, that might be responsible for causing a fire accident. After looking at everything, they will prepare a report, along with the risks that are associated with fire accidents in the factory. Depending upon the number of risks, the experts will also help you to keep a list of firefighting instruments that you should definitely keep in the factory for preventing any kind of unwanted situations. Remember, these are specialized instruments for fire extinguishing, unlike casual ways like a high-pressure flow of water.

A fire extinguisher

One of the most common kind of firefighting instrument, which you should keep in your factory is a fire extinguisher. Depending upon the size of your factory, and a number of sections, you might need to have multiple fire extinguishers in the factory, such that they can be used for fighting fire, if fire is found in any section of the factory. But only a fire extinguisher is not going to be helpful for you, and there are also a number of other requirements, which you should definitely have.

Firearms and smoke detectors

Fire alarms are quite common nowadays, and as far as the factory is concerned, you should definitely have multiple fire alarms in a particular section of your factory. Apart from firearms, you should also install smoke detectors, such that the authority can be informed if there is a lot of smoke in any part of the factory. The fire alarms and the smoke detectors will help normal people to escape out of the factory, and the authorities can also take active steps before the fire breaks out to an uncontrollable level.

Firefighting vehicle

If you are having a really big factory, you should have a firefighting vehicle as that will helpful for tackling fire when it is out of control. But, it is not possible for you to determine whether you need a firefighting vehicle or not. Whether you need a firefighting vehicle or not, will be properly mentioned in the fire risk assessment by the team of experts, who has done the fire risk assessment in your factory. The requirement of a firefighting vehicle is also dependent on a number of aspects, which is decided by the experts.

Fire risk assessment first

Thus, if you want to keep your factory free from any kind of fire related accidents, you should follow all the steps mentioned above. You should do a fire risk assessment of your factory before the activities of production starts in your factory. Once the fire is assessment is complete, you can take all the precautions, and start production or activities in the factory.

All About Financial Investment

Investing is probably one of the most important aspect of maintaining your finances and even perhaps a brilliant way to fund a start up business. All the dreams and ambitions you have that aren’t possible due to not having enough money can eventually be solved if you take this articles advice on investing. If you feel like you are spoilt for choice there are so many options available to you you and it is down to you to exploit them. Though do not enter the investment market until you have done your research. If you are struggling to decide on plans to invest in without the risk then visit and they can offer you the advice you are looking for.

investy1243Fixed deposit Investment

Through a fixed deposit you can enter a lump sum, which will stay protected as you continue to invest. The rates stay fixed and it almost acts kind of like a savings account, but with a higher return in the long run. A mutual fund investment is considered more risky. It is where you invest a sum of money, which is handled by a fun manager who then invests in a number of different products in the hope that you will gain more money once said product gains popularity.



It sounds a bit tacky and as if you are a pawn shop mogul but the truth is gold’s prices recently have sky rocket. This is demonstrated in the amount of gold buying companies that have popped up one by one.


Stock Market

The stock market in my opinion is the most riskiest of all. It is almost like gambling. The stock market is ever changing and you have to take a leap of faith in a company in the hopes that they will succeed and in return their stock prices will rise. The consequence of this not going accordingly to plan is that their stocks plummet and you are left with so much less than you put in.


Evading a shocking surprise at the end of every month

sb10064231ag-001A common occurrence

You must have seen or even experienced fretting about the mounting load of bills every month. You wonder how it is that your total bill came to be this high. What many people fail to realize is that the negligence that they had exhibited all throughout the month has led to this situation. They have to pay the price of their carelessness.

Among the various bills that are a cause of stress, one that you will often find being talked about is the electricity bill. The reason that the electricity bill is often expensive is that it is in this area that people tend to be the most negligent. How common is it to leave lights open before leaving the house? How often is it that you forget to turn off any electric equipment that you were using? Or worse, how much do you use your portable AC in the summer? These are a rather common occurrence and tend to happen on a day-to-day basis. The problem is that people do not even realise what they are doing, which is why when they see the high charges of their electricity bill, they are bewildered.

An effective solution

Human nature is such that if you do not have a constant reminder of anything in front of you, you are likely to forget about it in your daily schedule. If you are worried about the mounting bills that you have to pay, there are two options that you can make use of to deal with it. One is to opt for a prepay electric bill. This is, as it is commonly called, a pay-as-you-use meter. You can compare it to your prepaid phones. In such meters, you would be notified of the amount of electricity that is being used, which would remind you to be cautious.

Another option that you have is to go for a smart meter. These meters would tell you about the energy that is being consumed along with the bill that would result due to this usage. The smart meter is easy to read, and you would be able to view the information on a device that you can keep in front of you inside your house. You can keep the device at a place that you would be able to see daily so that you can keep a check on the electricity that is being used.

Choose the right smart electric meter company

Using the right electric kwh meter can solve quite a bit of your financial problems. You will be able to ensure that your budget does not hit the roof each month. You will also be able to make it certain that you are aware of the daily progress in the consumption of electricity and would be able to intervene at the right time. However, you will only be able to make full use of this opportunity if you select the right place to get your meters installed. This is something with which you should not take chances. Go for a place that can be trusted in terms of quality and servic

Basic Expertise Your Accountant Should Possess

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dreamstimefree_2451792In the business industry, accountants are one of the most important assets a businessman and company should have. They provide a lot of services which are time and cost efficient for their employers. When it comes to accountants, most people would think that their expertise is solely for preparing tax requirements. However, accountants are highly trained in order to be proficient in their career. If you have an accountant or are planning to hire an account, here are the basic expertise which your accountant should possess.

  1. Business advisory – Accountants have spent a significant amount of time of their university years learning business. With their vast knowledge, they can assess your business, tax and financial situation accurately. They could help you in formulating a solid and realistic business or financial plan. Do not hesitate to ask an accountant for a rough evaluation regarding your financial, business or tax situation as you are trying to assess the accountant’s capacity.
  2. Accounting and record-keeping – Accountants mostly rely on accounting and record-keeping as their bread and butter since people would hire their services often for their expertise in these aspects. A great certified accountant can consistently provide accurate and organised accounting and record-keeping services.
  3. Tax advisory – Though accounting and record-keeping are the majority of an accountant’s job, businessmen and wealthy individuals hire accountants for tax advisory. Accountants possess great expertise when it comes to tax policies and how to efficiently handle tax situations to minimize tax as much as possible through legal means. They are also experts on preventing their employers from being penalised by the government for malpractices or inconsistencies on tax statements.
  4. Auditing – Auditing is also one of the basic expertise accountants should possess. This is very important to detect anomalies which could cost the employer or the company significant resources from individuals trying to take advantage for personal gains.

Though business advisers and auditors are experts companies can afford and will usually hire, having an accountant to check and verify the advice or work of these experts will help minimise errors or inconsistencies which might cost the company or employer. The four basic expertise above should only be the minimum requirements that accountants should possess. Depending on the main task which you need an accountant to perform, there are additional skillsets and expertise which should be necessary. Before hiring accountants in Basildon, you must be clear what the tasks you need them to perform so they can provide you an accurate estimate for their rate in case their rate changes depending on the services they provide.


Tips In Choosing The Right Event Management Company

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American-Business-eventA lot of people whether in the government, private or business sector have recognised the importance of hiring event management companies. Event management company handles everything from the planning stage up to the after event evaluation. It relieves the host from the stress of organizing and coordinating the event. It is also time and cost efficient compared to when the host do everything themselves. Since hiring an event management company is necessary, here are tips in choosing the right company.

  1. Creativity – Events should standout and would be the talk of the guests even after the event. The best way to do this is to be creative in hosting the event. The event management company should be creative since they will be in charge of planning. You check the company’s creativity by looking at the past events they managed. If the events show creativity, like offering free drinks for the cool dudes, or free waist trainers for the beautiful babes, then you can consider the company or else move on with your search.
  2. Credentials – The success of the previous events the company handled should be considered. If the company has a high rate of success then it is a great event management company.
  3. Cost – The cost that the event company will charge should be considered as well. Ask for an estimate after giving them the idea of how grand the event is. Make sure to consider several companies to find an affordable estimate.
  4. Experience – Companies with a lot of experience in event management are better than newly established companies. Experienced companies are adept not only in managing the event but also handling everything that will occur during the event.
  5. Location – Companies within your area would be better since they have contacts with local providers and stores. However, if you don’t feel secure on hiring a local event management company, then do not hesitate to hire companies outside your area especially those with great reputation.
  6. Plan – Ask the company to provide you a sample plan for the event you are hosting. Their planning will be crucial in the success of your event. A plan not well organized does not need to be considered.
  7. Specialty – There are companies which specialize on specific events. If you are hosting a concert or a corporate party make sure to hire a company which has a lot of experience in managing such events.
  8. Technology – Nowadays, technology is an important aspect on every events. Look for a company which incorporates the latest technology to give a refreshing atmosphere on the event.

Do not hesitate to ask around regarding the event management companies you are considering.


Key Factors For Successful Leaflet Distributions

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leaflet_deliveryLeaflet distribution has been used by companies worldwide. For small companies, it is considered one of their primary marketing campaigns since it is cost efficient while generating high impact to the intended market. Though leaflet distribution is easy to plan and run as a campaign, it is still a challenge to be a successful leaflet distributions campaign. For those companies which are not getting the results they wanted or those which are planning to start a leaflet distribution campaign, here are the key factors for successful leaflet distribution marketing.

  1. Distribution method – Leaflet distribution basically uses two types of methods. These are door to door and hand to hand leaflet distributions. If your target area is a housing community and you’re offering household products or services, door to door is the better option. However, if you target the working class or shoppers, hand to hand leaflet distribution would be a much better choice especially if you consider public places such as malls, parking area, or street intersections during busy times.
  2. Customer incentives – Though leaflets are often put in the trash after reading the information more often than being stored in the bag or the pocket, providing incentives which require vouchers or cards included in the leaflet will drastically increase the chance of the leaflet being stored by the customers for later use. Incentives will also generate positive buzz from the market increasing the reach of the business.
  3. Print design – Consumers will also spend 5 seconds or less to determine whether to keep or throw the leaflet. A great leaflet design which can attract the interest and attention of the consumers is the ideal print design.
  4. Staff uniform – The difference between successful leaflet distribution and a scam is the appearance of the employees distributing the leaflets. By providing company uniforms to the distributors which not only represent the company but also attract the consumers, it will enhance the reputation and image of the leaflets.
  5. Permits – For marketing campaigns which use public areas, it is important to acquire the necessary permits to avoid paying penalties which will waste precious company funds. Make sure to ask the government regarding the requirements before starting the leaflet distribution campaign.
  6. Budget – Though leaflet distribution campaigns are cheap to run, you still need to consider the budget especially if your company is just starting up. Look for ways to minimize the cost while still observing the key factors for successful leaflet distribution.

Leaflet distribution campaigns can either be run by the company employees or hire leaflet distribution companies like Kent Distributions to run the campaign for you.