The fire risk assessment in the factory

  • January 28, 2017
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Fire check

A factory is a place, where there are maximum risks of fire accidents, as there are a lot of materials present in a factory, which are highly inflammable. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot protect your factory from any kind of such accidents. Once you have all the important preventive measures, you can easily tackle fire accidents that are going to happen. But before getting all the instruments for firefighting, you should do a fire risk assessment.

The first task

Fire risk assessment is a kind of assessment, where the experts will office of various factors related to the factory, that might be responsible for causing a fire accident. After looking at everything, they will prepare a report, along with the risks that are associated with fire accidents in the factory. Depending upon the number of risks, the experts will also help you to keep a list of firefighting instruments that you should definitely keep in the factory for preventing any kind of unwanted situations. Remember, these are specialized instruments for fire extinguishing, unlike casual ways like a high-pressure flow of water.

A fire extinguisher

One of the most common kind of firefighting instrument, which you should keep in your factory is a fire extinguisher. Depending upon the size of your factory, and a number of sections, you might need to have multiple fire extinguishers in the factory, such that they can be used for fighting fire, if fire is found in any section of the factory. But only a fire extinguisher is not going to be helpful for you, and there are also a number of other requirements, which you should definitely have.

Firearms and smoke detectors

Fire alarms are quite common nowadays, and as far as the factory is concerned, you should definitely have multiple fire alarms in a particular section of your factory. Apart from firearms, you should also install smoke detectors, such that the authority can be informed if there is a lot of smoke in any part of the factory. The fire alarms and the smoke detectors will help normal people to escape out of the factory, and the authorities can also take active steps before the fire breaks out to an uncontrollable level.

Firefighting vehicle

If you are having a really big factory, you should have a firefighting vehicle as that will helpful for tackling fire when it is out of control. But, it is not possible for you to determine whether you need a firefighting vehicle or not. Whether you need a firefighting vehicle or not, will be properly mentioned in the fire risk assessment by the team of experts, who has done the fire risk assessment in your factory. The requirement of a firefighting vehicle is also dependent on a number of aspects, which is decided by the experts.

Fire risk assessment first

Thus, if you want to keep your factory free from any kind of fire related accidents, you should follow all the steps mentioned above. You should do a fire risk assessment of your factory before the activities of production starts in your factory. Once the fire is assessment is complete, you can take all the precautions, and start production or activities in the factory.