Baseball is a popular sport that is very easy to learn and fun. 

Whether you’re on the attacking team or on the field, you’ll rely on team spirit to win, and it’s a great bonding sport. 

Baseball Basics

Baseball is played on a field, part of which is a large square (or “diamond”) marked by a “home plate” at one corner. 

On each of the three remaining corners, there are three bases (or “bases”) called the “first”, “second” and “third” base.

Two teams of nine players take turns hitting (attacking) and receiving (defending) in an attempt to score as many innings as possible.

How to Play Baseball

A pitcher in the center of the diamond pitches the ball to the batter standing on home plate.

The batter attempts to hit the ball and cover as much distance as possible by running around the diamond before the ball is retrieved by the opposing team.

The batter is “Out” if a fielder catches the ball or if a defensive player sends the ball to a teammate present at the base the batter is trying to reach. If a teammate on base catches the ball before the batter reaches the base, the batter is out.

If you hit, you do not have to make a home run to stay in play. You may decide to wait at first, second, or third base if you cannot reach the next base before the ball is recovered.

 A second batter then comes to face the pitcher. Previous batter(s) waiting on any base continue if the new player “at home” hits the ball.

A batter who goes all the way around the diamond and back to home plate scores a run, and the team with the most runs after nine innings wins.

Baseball Made Simple

Baseball is a very challenging game of skill and strategy, and you will need to work closely with your teammates to win. For day to day baseball you need to have the minimum of equipment such as the glove or the bat, but before investing in equipment think about buying smart because it is equipment that you will not use every day, so finding second-hand equipment will save you money. 

The defenders must be well positioned and the pitcher must try to make the batter miss the ball.

If you are the batter, members of your team are counting on you to hit the ball in such a way as to maximize the chances that you and your team will score in an inning.

Baseball is not child’s play, but it is easy to learn and a lot of fun!

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